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Our profession is aluminum soldering technique and technology.

There are several fields and situations where aluminum welding – due to financial or technical reasons – is not a possible method as a fixation form. These two great products provide a good solution for this. They were created in a hope that all of those who tinker at home and those who are professions in this field won’t be going without using this extremely simple technique. It assisted thousands in fixation of high-strength aluminum since we have got it. It can be used perfectly in any area of ​​life where you face with this kind of problem. Learning how to use should not be a problem to anyone, even in the absence of any specialized knowledge. The necessary technical conditions are available in almost every household workshop (single Pb etc., gas heater, higher performance soldering iron).

Please have a look at our marketed products and post your questions about it.

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Alu-Forr Kft.

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